Top Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Golf Ball

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The golf ball plays a central role in the golf game. Indeed, it is needful in every single shot. Have you seen why it is imperative to make sure that you choose the right golf ball for your game? Perhaps I should hint at you further.

Top Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Golf Ball

The golf ball dictates how good or flawed you will perform on the course. It is not a question of how long you have been playing; you will not be able to give out your best on the green if you are playing with the wrong ball.

By implication, you need to deliberately choose the right golf ball for your game, whether you are a beginner or a veteran. Note the keyword – ‘right.’ Nothing makes golf more enjoyable than playing a golf ball that fits you. 

Now, how do you go about it? 

It’s nothing complicated. You only need to note certain factors before placing the order or adding it to your cart. Here are the four most essential elements that can make you purchase the right golf ball for your game.

1. The type of the golf ball 

Firstly, don’t deceive yourself by thinking that all golf balls are the same. That might be your number one mistake in the whole buying process. Golf balls are available in three different categories. They are spin control, distance, and Tour performance (also referred to as premium). Are you familiar with the three? Let me elaborate.

If you are the type of golfer that likes to hit your ball as far as you can to make your game more convenient, it means you love distance. 

Distance golf balls have a thinner cover and a larger core that boost yardage, most notably from the tee box. For me, I see the core as the golf ball engine. The reason is that the core is the component that makes the golf ball fly farther. The combination of thinner cover and larger core will make your swing better and help the ball fly faster with maximum speed.

Moving on, if your ambition is to eliminate that slice or big hook, then golf balls that provide spin control are best for you. 

Spin control balls help your hit on the golf ball to be straighter. They are superb for amateurs because they help cut down on the unnecessary sidespin that causes slices and hooks. They make your shots better and ease your struggles for a spin. Without a doubt, spin control golf balls make the golf game more straightforward and more enjoyable.

Finally, if you want the complete package, you should go for the Tour performance golf balls. 

Tour performance (or premium) golf balls are the ones you will always see in the bags of world-class golfers. They are not for recreational golfers. These unique golf balls feature multiple layers that interact with each other for long-distance, feel and spin. The activation of each layer of these golf balls depends on how fast you swing, which is the sole function of your golf club. Tour performance golf balls allow you to get minimum spin and maximum distance if you play with a long golf club. Furthermore, it helps you enjoy optimum spin and perfect control as you move around the greens.

2. Golf Ball Layers 

When you talk about the layers of a golf ball, bear in mind that it can only be two constructions. They are two-piece and multilayer. As the name implies, two-piece golf balls have only two layers. For multilayers, it can be three, four, or even five. Meanwhile, you need to know that the number of layers can change as the golf ball plays. 

Two-piece golf balls are best for high-handicappers, beginners, and some golfers that have slower swing speeds. Though pro golfers can also play these golf balls satisfactorily, it is common in the bags of newcomers and amateurs in the game. The two-layer contains a thin cover and a large core that maximizes your golf club’s energy quantity transfers to the ball. Two-piece golf balls can power your shots to travel longer distances.

For multiplayer golf balls they are most common in the bags of mid-to-low handicappers and some golfers that have faster swing speed. Suppose you wonder what makes the different layers in these golf balls so important. In that case, it is because an individual player doesn’t have a single swing speed. When you swing faster, it activates the layers right down to the core and creates the required distance. 

When you make shorter shots, it activates only the outer layer and creates the spin. Not only that, but it also offers control to prevent the ball from rolling beyond the target. The combination of these layers creates a unique feeling you will love.

3. Cover

Surlyn or Urethane is the two covers available for golf balls. They always come with any of the two. 

Surlyn is the most common type of cover for golf balls. It is durable, nice-looking, and resistant to scratching. Surlyn has been a known golf ball cover for the past six decades. It is common in non-Tour levels because of its efficient energy transfer that maximizes distance.

Urethane is softer. It provides more feel and feedbacks compared to Surlyn. Though it is not as durable as Surlyn, it creates more control and spins in the short game. That is why it is peculiar to multilayer golf balls. These covers are more appealing to golfers with higher levels of skills.

4. Feel

Since it is not wrong to choose your golf ball based on your personal preference, it is also an essential factor in selecting the right golf ball. That is what makes compression a point of discussion. 

Lower compression golf balls tend to deform more, helping golfers with slower swing speed hit farther distance, minimize spin and achieve straighter shots. On the contrary, high compression golf balls don’t so quickly. Before they can change shape, you will have to hit harder, faster to change shape. 

Top Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Golf Ball

On a final note 

Putting all the above factors into consideration before choosing which golf ball is right for your game will help you make an informed decision. Meanwhile, it is essential for you to clearly define your style of play and athletic ability before you go on to buy your golf ball. That way, you find the perfect match for you.