Many entertainment genres have found their way into the gaming design and experience. One of such rare options is the horror genre, where the game lover can enjoy a unique feeling of fear while playing. Luckily, the play to earn games we will be exploring is named ‘Fear,’ which is very easy to play. Players can now freely delve into a relatively new ecosystem of scary and exciting adventures of horror games while also earning and interacting with the NFTs. 

There are currently over 17,745.5 total stakes in the game, with a lock period of 2 days on each stake. The stakes are the daily reward that the players get for starting and accomplishing an embedded task in play to earn games. Also, it has up to 10 available NFT types within the game design. Some available NFTs include the Whack your Undead Neighbour P2E Ticket, Elon Musk, and World of What IT Game. Each of them is available with a respective number of nFEAR, the game currency.


WHACK YOUR UNDEAD NEIGHBOUR is described as your worst nightmare in a tokenized form because it gives the horror game lovers a feeling of chill while playing. Also, it gives a firsthand experience of real gore, including the undead and all that may keep you awake at night. It also empowers your imagination to get the best out of the available resources. In the past, you may have played some other popular online horror games, such as the Resident Evil franchise, Alien, and The Evil Within. 

FEAR: Exploring Play-to-Earn Model for Horror Games

The game FEAR is much more than those traditional games you played in the past. ‘Isolation’ is another similar game that carries the horror feel to enhance the value of the game enterprise. In this new game season, such gruesome gameplay and design are brought close by integrating blockchain technology and using the NFT gaming experience. The FEAR game also represents a frightening level of gaming on the Ethereum network. 

Being on Ethereum indirect symbolizes that the valid default cryptocurrency reward is measurable in ETH. However, since it also has non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the options of making money from this game become wider for the player. Moreover, any acquired digital asset from this game is tradeable directly or indirectly on this game. Direct trading happens when selling or buying any NFT, while the other happens in the marketplace. Note that FEAR is one of the world’s first blockchain-based play-to-earn horror games. 

Why A Horror Play-to-Earn Game?

The reason for horror games is the same reason for horror movies. So, the question of why we have to explore is why to place these play-to-earn horror games on the blockchain network. These horror games are terrifying in both traditional and modern horror games; blockchain technology makes many differences. For example, the games are a platform where the ownership of the game and all in-game assets can be shared with the game lovers. 

When the inbuilt assets are also in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), it becomes a simple way of tokenizing the full content for real-life value. By the way, NFTs are the tokenized assets that players on the blockchain games can possess with all rarity and uniqueness of real value. Although NFTs in this context refers to in-game digital assets, they can be used for digitized media items. Examples include video clips, artworks, virtual clothing, and music.

FEAR: Exploring Play-to-Earn Model for Horror Games

The peculiarity of these tokens is that each one has a digital signature that sets it completely different from another. Moreover, their uniqueness makes them rare and valuable. It also may represent an asset with only one of its kind. By implication, anyone who possesses an NFT cannot resell it or copy or duplicate it, except if the ownership changes by selling or buying. Moreover, the addition of NFT makes it possible for players to own whatever they earn from the system.

How to play and acquire NFTs on the FEAR game 

As a new horror game enthusiast, if you hope to earn more money by buying NFTs, try out playing some of the horror games from FEAR. The FEAR company website is the first place to look if you intend to deal with the weird characters. The game also has an inbuilt currency known as the $FEAR coins that playing the game can earn any player within the ecosystem. Meanwhile, the first game on the FEAR network is the Whack, Your Undead Neighbour.

The $FEAR coin of the FEAR horror game developer is the following 

  • QuickSwap
  • KuCoin
  • Uniswap
  • PancakeSwap

When a player has access to at least six different $FEAR coins, it brings a special reward to the player. He automatically can access the two unique puzzle kills within the Whack your Undead Neighbor game environment. You also get eh chance to win with other rare NFTs that entered the game through these kills. The same $FEAR coins are usable on the FEAR Farm, where the player is responsible for cultivating or farming the coins and continues to earn the player more coins.

Similarly, when they earn a token of one $FEAR, they are awarded up to 5 nFEAR. As you would expect from NFT games, the fear distributes the ownership of in-game assets to the players and investors. More so, at any time, the players can convert their virtual wealth into real-life wealth through cryptocurrency. 

The Whack Your Undead Neighbour Play-to-Earn Ticket

We have discussed this special NFT in the form of tickets with a single player’s limited claim on my wallet. Meanwhile, the ticket allows the user to use up to two in-game skills or complete challenges. Success in these skill challenges means that the player can visit the rewards page and connect his wallet with the ticket. The reward is a 50 $FEAR token coin. 

Conclusion – Upcoming Games from FEAR

There are many upcoming games on the horizon of game development because the company is assiduously learning the be creative. The grisly games come first-person adventure with high score competitions with artillery NFTs. Feel free to explore other NFT types in this game or those familiar with the other games that the company will release. Remember, the top in-built coin is the $FEAR that the holder can regard in high esteem. For example, the company released the World of Whack It in August 2021 using the same $FEAR token. 

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