Know-Thyself-Asaf-WritingKnow Thyself website is published by Asaf Braverman. Asaf was born in Israel and spent his youth in Europe before returning to serve as a medic in the Israeli Army. In 1995, he joined the Fellowship of Friends, an international spiritual school based on the Fourth Way teachings of George Gurdjieff and Peter Ouspensky.

In 1998 Asaf moved to the Fellowship of Friends’ headquarters in northern California and spent the next decade examining the ancient wisdom of mankind against the backdrop of the Fourth Way. The compilation of this site is drawn mostly from that period. During his ten years of comparative study, Asaf realized that, despite the seemingly diverse expressions of ancient wisdom, they all presented similar truths; that Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism and Christianity and all other major spiritual expressions were merely different hues of the same few primal colors.

Know-Thyself-Asaf-Braverman-ChoraThis site forms a tapestry from those colors, with a particular focus on know thyself. Central to any spiritual teaching is man’s false and real self. The first step towards self-realization could only be self-knowledge, knowledge of how to separate the false from the real. The real exists only as a potential to be realized through intelligent effort. This site documents the historical struggle of finding and holding the Self, as expressed by eminent authors throughout the ages.

Asaf explores more aspects of ancient wisdom in